HD Expo 2018


We made it out of Las Vegas without a hangover and some money still in our pockets, which are big wins for this business trip. We learned a lot from some of the best creative minds in hospitality and left feeling inspired and recharged. Time to get back to work, but first check out some of our favorite parts of last week.

-Adam, Southern Lights Electric.


Conference Highlights

Jonathan Adler & Simon Doonan

The brilliant creative duo—Simon Doonan, and Jonathan Adler spent the morning discussing contemporary design, how they got started and roles that artists play in hospitality design. Jonathan recently completed a refresh of the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs, his first hotel project.

-If you are not familiar with Simon Doonans window displays, check out this work of Tammy Faye Bakker. David Bowie's favorite piece.

-Simon is a judge on the new show "Making it" hosted by Amy Poehler & Nick Offerman. Premiering July 31st. 


On the creative process.


Jonathan discussed the importance of protecting and preserving inspiration and ideas before they are fully formed. In a time where it is so easy to share ideas and art with the world, young creatives need to show restrain and respect the process of creating. Letting inspiration flow freely for as long as possible and cultivating ideas until they are ready to be shared. 

2019-202 Design Trends


Stylus is trend research firm collecting and processing global trends across different industries. Amber Davis dissected three design directions for 2019-2020 seasons. My favorite was called "Captivate" A design trend that encourages consumers to detach from technology and interact with their environment and each other. 

Check out their website and video summaries when you need a little inspiration.

Small is Big: Microhotels


Micro hotels

This discussion on micro hotels was really an in depth look at how people have changed the way they travel and what they are really looking for in a high density hotel. It was very interesting to hear how these brands have broken standard practices of hotel design, experience and service to create a loyal following. Check out some of their projects below.

David Wilson-President, Ace Hotels

Matt Goodrich--Principle, Goodrich

Vicki Poulos-SD Global Management, Moxy

Vanessa Guilford-Principle & design Director TOCCI

Neon Museum

Vegas is not really our speed but if you ever visit I highly recommend the Neon Museum, specifically to check out their after dark projection mapped show called "Brilliant". Check out some behind the scenes below. It was truly incredible to see all of these historic signs come back to life for a few moments. The video does not do it justice.

The visitor center of the museum is the relocated lobby of the La Concha hotel, designed in 1961 by architect Paul Revere Williams and moved to its current location in 2006.