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About Us

Four hands make light work

Described as everything from “really cool” to “a stunning use of form and functionality” by our fans, we like to think our work is lighting that’s made for an ever-changing environment.

Ten years of designing and developing has seen our expertise boiled down into a tight product line that helps us create the best lighting we can — not the most. To make this kind of brilliance happen, we work meticulously, nerd out over the details, and consider our projects from every angle. Whether our things are made for a purpose or based on a spark of inspiration, the catalyst is always a specific need for a type of light which is dictated by a bespoke manufacturing process to make it happen.

Lamps have hearts, too

We’re not saying this out of bias, but the way a space is lit can really affect the mood and make a difference in how we feel, so it makes sense that we’ve always loved visiting new restaurants or hotels, and sometimes both, to take in all the details. It’s these experiential moments that have inspired the fixtures we’ve named after the friends and places we love and seen us get pumped by the details in the process.


Made with thoughtful care and precision, everything that leaves our studio has been designed and assembled by the same four hands that type the emails and pick up the phone calls.


Our fixtures are good at two things: looking great and lighting well. Drawing inspiration from the past, then combining that with contemporary elements, each versatile piece is made to grow with your space.


Our creation process comes alive in the handwrought details. We consider them with intent as we design for every space from the domestic to the commercial and build lighting that makes everything better.

Inside the studio.

Everything we create is assembled with care in our Nashville studio from domestic and imported components. It’s a collaborative process that requires meditative patience, some seriously deft hands, and a deep knowledge of metal, glass, and how they work together to create the perfect lit environment. Did we mention that we love details? Yeah, you can probably tell.